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We’ve planned itineraries for all manner of families and you’ll find some of our suggestions below. Because no two are the same, we can find the best fit no matter the size of your family or what the age of your children or family members may be. From small families of 3 or 4 to large multi-generational groups, we’d love to help create your family’s next adventure. Maybe it's a camping safari with meals cooked over an open fire in Botswana and getting a chance to sleep out under the stars or getting the whole family up close to a wild elephant or even playing a spontaneous game of soccer with some local kids - we know how to create the adventure of a lifetime.

We work with expert local guides, who are often parents themselves, and who are skilled at slowing the pace, minimizing long drives, keeping snacks on hand and keeping an eye out for impromptu, authentic cross-cultural interactions. Our guides are highly trained and combine a passion for nature and teaching with personal experience to create interesting, fun, informative activities that will add depth to everyone’s experience. Hands-on activities for kids like starting the campfire, cooking classes, art projects, animal tracking, even changing a tire on the Land Rover are possibilities. 

Our family-friendly itineraries often combine ecolodges, tented camps, and boutique hotels (and a pool wherever possible). This means flexible room arrangements that can allow for more privacy for older kids or combined bedrooms that let youngsters stay in their parent’s room. Menus can often be differentiated for the pickiest of young eaters as long as we know their preferences ahead of time. Some camps and lodges even offer child-minding services so parents can get a break too. There are options for private vehicles, exclusive use of camps or villas for just your family, and often flexible schedules to lengthen or shorten activities based on interest and energy levels. It's always worth considering some beach time too.

We know from experience that if the kids are active, engaged, having fun, and feeling safe, the parents are usually having a great time too! The better prepared you are, the more you’ll get out of your trip, so our comprehensive pre-departure information for families includes everything you need in order to be ready for your adventure.

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