Active Adventures

These itineraries go beyond a standard game drive and allow guests to physically engage with the natural environment. Walking safaris allow guests to explore parks and wildlife sanctuaries on foot with their guide, even tracking select species like the desert rhino. In some destinations like Madagascar, all wildlife viewing needs to be done on foot because animals are smaller and more reclusive but you are able to really get up close with chameleons, lemurs and geckos. 

With great challenges come great rewards like trekking Rwandan volcanoes or hiking through Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest to encounter silverback mountain gorillas. Avid hikers might consider a multi-day expedition to the ice-capped summit of Kilimanjaro, the tallest on the continent, or to Mount Kenya, the second tallest and often overlooked. Going underground we’ve explored limestone caves and underwater we’ve snorkeled with tropical fish. Expert canoe guides can show you the way around hippo pods on the Zambezi and where to cast to catch tigerfish. There are also options for riding mountain bikes, horses and even camels. 

Activities are always “challenge by choice”, so if a guest decides to opt-out there is always a less active alternative. Rest assured there are plenty of options for those with mobility issues, many camps are even wheelchair accessible. No matter what activity level suits you, we’ll be able to craft your adventure so everyone has an amazing experience. 

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