Simply Wild!

These itineraries and accommodations aren’t for everyone but if you are seeking to REALLY get out there and have some unique adventures these will be the perfect fit. We created these experiences and selected these accommodations especially for those who are looking to go further, appreciate the joy of discovering the unusual and recognize the benefits that come to those who are willing to see what's over the next hill. 

These are itineraries and accommodations in some of the most remote locations in the world. They include parks and reserves that are often overlooked but reward the intrepid traveler like Katavi, Ruaha and Selous in Tanzania. Maybe it's staying in more rustic accommodation but authentically immersed in a local Maasai village’s culture. Perhaps hiking from remote camp to remote camp with just your armed guide in Zambia or trekking to 15,000 feet on one of the highest mountains on the continent. There’s something about each of these suggestions that makes them wild in their own way and that’s why we love them. 

These are only some of the possibilities that exist. If you really want to do something different, call us. We know about all manner of wild places that we’d love to help you plan an adventure to. 

Reach out and talk with someone who has been there.

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