Cultural Encounters

Visiting indigenous villages and tribes who still keep to traditional dress, customs and ways of life is an opportunity to reflect on what is common to people the world over. But there are other ways to dive even deeper and experience "culture" in Africa and around the world. Many times, asking questions and sharing elements from your own culture create meaningful encounters. Frequently, there will be an opportunity to hear or see music, singing and dancing - possibly with an invitation to join in. We try to incorporate encounters with everyday people into these itineraries: walking with kids heading to school, helping a family prepare a meal and even strolling the local market are opportunities to personally learn from others. Simple acts of admiring jewelry or showing family pictures can lead to deep learning about ceremonies, beliefs and social roles.

Some of our most profound cultural encounters have come from sitting with a village elder and listening to their history and the challenges they face or asking our guides and camp hosts about superstitions or taboos. The more adventurous may want to try traditional foods but anyone can stroll through a new town or city and appreciate the different architecture, unique art and handmade crafts.
Below is a collection of itineraries and accommodations in locations that allow you to immerse yourself in a different place and experience a meaningful and authentic cross-cultural interaction.

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