Conservation Through Public Health Uganda

Conservation Through
Public Health

The Goals of CTPH:
  • Promote conservation of gorillas through gorilla health and habitat conservation
  • Promote a One Health and Population, Health and Environment (PHE) approach to addressing some of the most pressing public health and environmental concerns in and around protected areas in Africa.
  • Monitor and track zoonotic disease transmissions between wildlife, humans and livestock to prevent outbreaks of deadly diseases.
  • Empower local communities, with a special focus on women, to be stewards of their environment and to practice health-seeking behavior.
  • Create sustainable income and improve livelihoods for community volunteers through income-generating projects and Village and Savings Loan Associations.
  • Identify and cultivate sustainable sources of funds for CTPH programs.
  • Advocate for One Health and PHE approaches to be institutionalized into policies at the regional, national and multilateral level.

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Areas of project focus:

Gorilla Conservation


Alternative Livelihoods




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