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It was a wildlife bonanza on our recent small-group adventure in Zambia! So many different ways to explore here: 4x4 safari vehicle, on foot with our armed ranger, by motorboat, canoe, and even night safaris! The wildlife really turned out in force for us and our guests couldn't stop saying, "WOW!"



Night Drives

Safari drives at night in Zambia can be a real treat! Lesser known creatures come out to explore like porcupines, genets, and jackals. Leopards are out on the hunt with hyenas following close behind. You might just surprise an elephant on the road! It's a challenge to photograph anything that moves at night, so you have to snatch the moment when they stand still!





Leopards are an elusive lot - sleeping concealed in trees by day and stealthily stalking prey at night. On a good safari maybe you'll see one. On a great safari, you may see a couple. If you are lucky you'll get a picture if it sits still. Usually, it's just a tail or a paw. Somehow we hit the leopard jackpot and saw so many in Zambia that we lost count! Crazy! A leopard jumping up a tree. A leopard stalking antelope. A leopard that mortally wounded a warthog. A leopard that had just devoured a baboon. A leopard about to finish eating another impala in a tree. Un-believe-able!




Wildlife Diversity

The abundance and diversity of wildlife in Africa in general and Zambia specifically is staggering. Big and small. Dinosaurs and mammals. Predators and prey. It is really impressive to be in the midst of a fully functioning ecosystem where every beast, plant and insect plays a part. When was the last time you lost track of how many times you said "WOW" in a day?




 Conservation Donation

We are super proud to support programs like Conservation South Luangwa through our guest's donations! Great work to protect these special species in an amazing part of the world!


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