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Kanha Jungle Lodge in India is one of our favorite lodges in the world!

Nestled within 11 acres of lush sal forest just minutes away from Kanha National Park, Kanha Jungle Lodge (KJL) provides an excellent eco-retreat to escape to after enjoying the excitement of tracking tigers, leopards, jackals, and the Barasingha swamp deer while on safari (fun fact: Kanha National Park is one of the only places in the world where you can see the endangered Barasingha deer in the wild). 

What makes Kanha Jungle Lodge a standout accommodation is the genuinely warm, hospitable environment that the longtime managers, Dimple and Tarun, have created - we felt like we were welcomed like family! The serene outdoor dining spaces and common area facilitate the utmost relaxation in nature as you listen to the birdsong around you or even catch a glimpse of the resident giant flying squirrels after dark. Both Dimple and Tarun are hardcore naturalists with an infectious love for nature, and going on a guided nature walk to the nearby river with Dimple was a highlight of our stay (complete with a lesson in making the perfect cup of chai).

The food at Kanha Jungle Lodge is absolutely divine, with a wide array of handcrafted Indian dishes freshly prepared each day, from the softest naan to freshly squeezed juices to aromatic curries and rice dishes. Our cooking lesson with Dimple and the chef was fantastic, and one of our best souvenirs from India is a souvenir cookbook we purchased with all of Dimple’s best recipes.

Finally, Kanha Jungle Lodge’s commitment to sustainability is impressive, and it aligns well with Moraway Adventures’ ethos of using travel as a force for good. 95% of the staff at KJL are locals from the indigenous Gond and Baiga tribes, and 50% of the workers are women. The design aesthetic of the lodge and its furniture and artwork incorporates local styles and materials, while the lodge is plastic-free and sources locally-grown foods. The lodge has hosted documentary filmmakers headed to Kanha to film wildlife, and it also supports Project Tiger, an Indian NGO dedicated to tiger conservation.


-Proximity to Kanha National Park        

-Sustainability practices and local ethos

-Authentic architecture

-Immersion in nature and local culture

-Excellent service and warm, welcoming atmosphere

-High-quality naturalist guides

-Amazing food with locally-sourced ingredients

Best Time to Visit: October to March

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