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Imvelo is committed to conserving Zimbabwe's wildlife and natural resources while ensuring that the oft-overlooked communities adjacent to these wild places not only benefit but become partners in conservation. Imvelo has spent over 20 years creating symbiotic relationships between man and nature, forming mutually beneficial relationships within their surroundings, and learning how to protect all living things for future generations. A key to their goals and long-term vision has been building their safari lodges and camps within the communal lands and peripheral areas around national parks which helps connect conservation, responsible tourism and local communities. This promotes the conservation of the local wildlife and natural resources and encourages sustainability for these village communities while at the same time adding significantly to the experience for the responsible safari enthusiast.

Imvelo's Impact By The Numbers

Imvelo's Community Projects

Imvelo's Conservation Projects

Key Community Projects:



Water Supplies

School Feeding Program

Key Conservation Projects:

Water for Hwange's Wildlife

Wildlife Buffer Zones

Wildfire Protection

Rural Conservation Awareness



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