Conservation Education Society Kenya

Conservation Education Society
Diani Beach

The Conservation Education Society was established as a not-for-profit in Kenya in 2019 with the belief that education is vital for conservation efforts and for the future of humans everywhere. The team believes that through education, empowerment, and collaboration, everyone can play a role in conserving and protecting our natural world, however big or small that role may be. Through the development of a variety of projects and programs, along with the creation of a new network of partnerships with like-minded organizations, CES is progressing towards their vision of a community of passionate wildlife lovers, all working towards a more sustainable and environmentally aware world.

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Key Projects and Programs:

National and International Education Programs

Educational Field Trips 

Teacher Training Workshops

After School Clubs

Diani Sea Turtle Festival 

Beach Cleanups

Online Marine Club

Sustainability Workshops

Free Online Educational Materials 

Community Project Support 

Conservation Organisation Partnerships


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